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Ultra trendy men's sport underwear for busy dudes with a stylish side

Men's Underwear

Let's Get A Little Technical

Everyone loves to work hard and play harder, but who says you can't be comfy and look great doing both? Tradie men's sport underwear keeps you cool, fresh and looking fab day in and day out, whether you're catching some waves or slinging style at the worksite.

Made of innovative polyester and elastane jersey knit fabric with Coolmax and moisture wicking technology, Tradie technical underwear is truly the best of both worlds.

No Chafe Panels · Coolmax Technology · Sweat-Proof · Super Trendy Designs

Equipped with an extra breathable mesh pouch and super durable construction, these performance men's undies keep your equipment dry and cool from the surf to the worksite. Plus, they come in tons of slick photoramic printed designs, so you can rest assured that your inner style-fiend is satisfied.