Women's workwear designed for the ladies who are tougher than nails

Women's Workwear


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Ladies Like It Tough, Too

Working ladies deserve sweet threads, too. You're stylish but totally badass, so you need daily workwear that complements you in every way. Tradie women's workwear makes working your butt off look and feel great.

You love your job, but the traditional workwear doesn't allow you to express your personality or be comfortable during the day. Now, you can be compliant, comfortable, and trendy in Tradie ladies workwear!

360° Flexible · Machine Washable · Ultra Durable · Stylish · Breathable · Quick-Dry

Tradie women's workwear is made from super flexible, breathable fabric and is specially designed to fit a woman's body. So, no more wearing a big floppy tent every day to work and you can rest assured that you will always be comfortable and dry no matter the weather.